Dr. George P. Laliotis was born in Athens, Greece. He graduated (B.Sc.) from the Department of Animal Production of the Agricultural University of Athens (2002). He also holds a postgraduate diploma (M.Sc, 2004), while in 2007, he completed his doctoral studies focusing on the study and molecular cloning of ovine G6PD gene, a gene involved in the process of lipogenesis. Having gained a post-doc grant (2009), he continued his research at the same department and he was focused on investigating the physiological role of a new transcript of ovine G6PD gene. At the past he worked as an application specialist in a private company, while from 2009 till November 2017 worked at posts of the Greek Public Administration. From December 2017 until June 2019 he was a junior researcher at the Research Institute of Animal Science of the Hellenic Agricultural Organization-“Demeter”. From July 2019 till now is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Animal Science (Agricultural University of Athens).  His research interests are mainly focused on: i) animal husbandry, ii) the genetic variation of animal populations and its association with productive traits, iii) gene technology, iv) DNA polymorphisms and v) molecular physiology of productive traits.